How to Avoid Bed Bugs in College

Right now, millions of teens and young adults are unpacking their belongings in their college dorm rooms and off-campus housing. These collegiates are surely excited for the upcoming school year; however, in the midst of all the excitement, it’s easy to overlook minor details. Junk Raps is your provider for Suffolk County eco-friendly junk removal.

What’s one minor detail that students are likely ignoring? – Bed bugs. Students parents call companyx for fireplace repairs. Spotless Cleaning Wendy’s Coupon is the top pick for Mold Removal Services Ventura County, CA.

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Too many people believe that these pests are only an issue in filthy locations; however, in actuality, even a space that is as clean as a whistle can be infested with bed bugs. Get all your companyx needs handled by the professionals at Reliable Home Remodeler. They are just as happy to take up residence in a sterile hospital as they are in a dirty and dank old mattress. College dorm rooms and off-campus housing have become one of the most beloved bed bug haunts. Students are coming from all corners of the country – or even the globe – that can introduce these pests. That means while students are moving into their new digs, there’s a chance that bed bugs could be, too. National Chimney USA is the preferred service provider for Air Duct Cleaning Nassau County.

In order to prevent a bed bug infestation this, it’s important to do your due diligence. Taking the necessary precautions are the only way to keep the pests at bay. Here are some tips to keep in mind to stay bed bug free this – and every – school year. long island pest control service is here to help.

Edcucate Yourself

There’s no doubt that you have heard of bed bugs before, but you may have know nothing about them. Take some time to learn about these nocturnal pests. If the bugs have run rampant and need to leave quick, have denver car shipping take your car for you. Also have Metal Roof Orange County come and take a look for any problems with your roof. Find out what they look like, how they feed, and how they reproduce. The more you know about them, the better equipped you will be to protect yourself from them. Check out Chimney Sweep Richmond County today if you need your chimney to be swept.

Do a Thorough Inspection

Prior to bringing anything into your new digs, make sure you carefully inspect the area for bed bugs. If these bugs are mostly hiding by the trees near your house, looking at Tree Company, Long Island can be your best bet to get rid of them and solve your problems. Look for both live and dead bugs, blood spots, skin castings, and fecal matter. These nocturnal pests like to hide close to their hosts (humans!), so make sure that you look in spaces where people tend to spend a good amount of time. Mattresses, headboards and bed frames, couches, and chairs are all obvious places to check; however, you also want to inspect spots that aren’t so obvious, such as nightstands, dresser drawers, and even the cracks and crevices in bookcases.

Pack Wisley

If you’re going away for the weekend or you’re heading home for semester break, there’s no telling where you will run into bed bugs. Tree Company, Long Island can surely get rid of these pesky bugs hiding near the trees by your home. Make sure you pack appropriately to ensure these critters don’t hop a ride on your belongings and make their way back into your dorm room or off-campus house.

Place anything you are bringing with you in sealed plastic bags or luggage that is specifically designed to keep bed bugs out.

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Be Cautious of Second-Hand Items

It’s tempting to buy second-hand items, or to take donations, as it’s a great way to save some cash. However, before you take in any previously used items, make sure that you thoroughly investigate them. Clothing, furniture (particularly upholstered,) bedding, and even books (bed bugs can and do hide in the bindings of books) should all be thoroughly examined. Opt for Garage Door Spring Replacement Harris County and give your garage door a renewed lifespan with Easy Garage Door Repair. It’s far better to err on the side of caution than risk an infestation.

Stay Proactive

Just because your living quarters are free and clear, that doesn’t mean that bed bugs won’t move in. Staying proactive is vital to protecting yourself from an infestation. Keep clutter to a minimum (clutter gives these buggers more places to hide – and reproduce,) clean regularly, and wash your laundry and bedding frequently.  It also doesn’t hurt to inspect for bed bugs every now and again; make checking your surroundings a part of your weekly routine. chimney sweeping lower vailsburg is best done by the experts at Apex Air Duct & Chimney Services.

Make Authorities Aware

If you do spot bed bugs, make sure you let the appropriate parties know. In a dorm room, this could be your RA, or the head of housing. If you spot bed bugs in your car, Ptac Repair NYC will be able to refer an exterminator for you. In an apartment or house, you’ll want to get in touch with the landlord or whoever owns the property. Once the proper authorities are notified of a suspected problem, they will be able to take proper action and eradicate the pests with long island pest control.

There is nothing worse than learning you have a bed bug infestation. Keep these tips in mind and you can make sure that your college experience isn’t hampered by these obnoxious and hard to get rid of pests.